Transportation to Denali National Park, Alaska

McKinley Creekside Cabins caters to indepedent travelers that want to be close to the park, but not at a big resort.  You must have your own transportation and we recommend you rent a car in Anchorage to drive to Denali.  It is a scenic drive that will take approximately 4.5 hours (Fairbanks to Denali is about 2 hours, however you typically get better rates flying into Anchorage).  Having a car will allow you the freedom and flexibility to explore at your leisure and to stay at smaller properties such as McKinley Creekside Cabins & Café.

If you decide to take the train it will take approx. 8 hours to get to Denali from Anchorage and about 4 hours from Fairbanks.  You can rent a car from Keys to Denali, as there is no area taxi or shuttle available and, unfortunately we do not provide any shuttle service to/from Denali National Park or the train depot.