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Employment at Mckinley Creekside

Apply Today for a Summer of a Lifetime! 

Mission: Cultivating relationships and facilitating opportunities to explore

Denali National Park with inspired hospitality and intentional service.

Join Our Team! ​

A summer in Alaska promises adventure, but one at McKinley Creekside Cabins, Café & Bakery offers opportunities to challenge yourself personally and professionally while exploring the beauty of Denali National Park. We pay top wages, offer quality housing, and work hard to cultivate an environment that is inspiring and fun, while being challenging and meaningful.
A sense of place grows from our purposeful work of maintaining and growing this small woman owned establishment and cultivating what will be life-long friendships.
We have a steadfast commitment to providing outstanding hospitality
for our guests and staff in a setting that is beyond compare.

Come work for McKinley Creekside Cabins, Café, & Bakery,
in a place surrounded by astonishing beauty, with fantastic people,
while learning new things….and maybe something new about yourself. 

Service vs. Hospitality: What's the difference? 


At McKinley Creekside Cabins our motto is "Where guests become friends!"
How do we achieve such a bold claim? We put an emphasis on hospitality AND service. 


Excellent customer service is an action; specifically tending to guest related tasks efficiently
and with a kind and gracious attitude. We always provide excellent service to our guests,
but we set the tone with our "second to none" hospitality.

Hospitality is a feeling and a matter of the heart.
It is not just greeting our guests, but welcoming them as you would a guest or friend in your own home.
This is what makes our guests leave feeling not only they've had the experience of a lifetime,
but where they have made friends. You get to share in that happiness too! 

Do you have a heart for hospitality? If so, please consider working with us!

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