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Dewalt Dcd791d2 Compact Drill Do You Think A Small One Is Powerful Enough?

DeWalt is one of the most reputable manufacturers in producing mechanical utensils. They have released numerous products to the market and most of them received great product reviews from customers. Therefore, users are very curious every time DeWalt announces a new one.

As one of the latest cordless drills from DeWalt, DCD791D2 is among the high-end product list that brings ultimate power for any mechanical job. Let’s see what we have for this model.


You can find this cordless drill on the Amazon product site with an average rating of 4.8 over 5 stars, or on the The King Live page with a score of 9.6 over 10. Such real product reviews are convincing enough to imagine a superior product.

DCD791D2 comes with a new technology called a brushless electric engine that brings more powerful drilling, 57% deviation – according to DeWalt, compared to traditional machines. This technology is also efficient that costs less power but works more effectively.

DCD791D2 is a compact design that weighs about 3.4lbs and has a length of only 6.9 inches, bringing users a comfortable feeling when holding it. However, as the best of products, the drilling power of this model is much greater than how it looks. The hard torque power ranges from 238.97 to 619.55 in-lbs, which can help you in any difficult job but cause a little inconvenience when working with some surface that needs lower torque power such as hardwood.

This cordless drill comes with a 20V lithium-ion battery that only needs a short time for a full charge and, more fantastically, an extra battery in the box. DCD791D2 also has LED lights on its body that is 20 times brighter than those on former models.


Smart Brushless Motor

As mentioned, the brushless motor is the biggest difference between DCD791D2 and older models. Instead of using carbon brushes and commutators, this machine uses a circuit board to power the engine. This component is considered the “smart factor” of the device, according to Jennifer Rodriquez, an experienced marketing specialist of TheKingLive.

The efficiency is also a factor that helps DCD791D2 receive positive Amazon customer reviews. You can feel only a small loss of battery power when driving a screw with this drill. However, it spends much more power on harder tasks such as working with metals.

Drill speed

Many users leave good comments on the Amazon review section on this with DCD791D2’s drilling speed can be adjusted to 550 RPM for fixing small things in the house and can be increased up to 2,000 RPM for tougher materials. However, this drill is appropriate only for light or medium tasks. For thicker metal objects, it is less effective.

Metal ½-inch Ratcheting Chuck

One more function that makes DCD791D2 impress among various Amazon products is the metal chuck. Unlike a plastic chuck, the metal one is more consistent and for the powerful drill DCD791D2, it is a remarkable addition to make the duties easier.


Despite several minor drawbacks, DCD791D2 is a worth-spending machine for those who usually deal with mechanical tasks. With around $180, you can bring home a powerful drill for various purposes.

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