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While choosing a security armed unarmed patrol guard you may have several questions during the decision process. For many customers, it becomes important to determine the type of security you want for your business. For choosing a patrol guard it comes down to several factors like where the business is located, the cost and resources for employing such patrol guards, and the industry your business is ventured in.

Understanding the basic difference between armed/unarmed patrol guards The major difference between armed and unarmed patrol guards may seem clear as one type carries a weapon and the other type does not carry a weapon.

Unarmed patrol guards For the majority of businesses, unarmed patrol guards are the best option for personnel protection. Unarmed patrol guards are available at low cost and with premium quality services provided by our agency. Specific industries and businesses will need the services of our special patrol guards tailored according to your needs. When hiring unarmed patrol guards, customers decide the specific type of clothing well suited for their business.

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