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Owner+ Artist

Hi There!

I'm Kay, the artist behind S+C Designs. I love to travel and explore new places. I'm originally a New England girl but after spending so many years in WA, I became a PNW girl through and through. ( I knew my love of flannel would come into play at some point! Haha!)


 I decided to start taking my paintings and producing them as stickers so that when people purchase that special souvenir to commemorate a trip, they had something that was local! I live in Wenatchee, WA so most designs have a PNW inspired vibe! As always, all things are made by hand + made with love.



S+C-What Doesn't Kill You-Bears Will!

  • Measures 2x3.47"

    Hand painted watercolor design

    -UV Resistant (Colors won't fade!)

    -Scratch Resistant

    -Waterproof: Dishwasher & car wash safe!


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