Wildthingz Dog Ride & Wilderness Living Adventure


An exciting, fun filled soft adventure that provides an up close look into most aspects of wilderness living in Denali.

Visit with Emily and Richie, your Alaskan hosts that call Denali home on a year-round basis.

​Upon arrival, you will watch the process of hooking up a dog team to a lightweight cart on wheels, where you will then be pulled by the immense strength of the dogs, while learning about the incredible athletes from two time Yukon Quest finisher, and '06 Rookie Of the Year, Richie Beattie.

​After your cart ride, you will have the opportunity to meet and greet all of the dogs, all of which love a pat on the head! You will then have adequate puppy snuggles (keep in mind this depends on the age of the puppies ), and finally you will be given a presentation that educates you about what racing and training sled dogs for long distance races entails. This is a small, personal tour, so all of your questions will have ample time to be answered!

Rates: $60 Adults / $40 Children (11 & under)
Times: 9:30am, 7:00pm
Payment/Cancellation Policy: Reserve your space early, pay at hotel check in. Cancel 72+ hrs. prior to avoid $25 cancellation fee.