You are responsible for your own transportation and cost. Denali is 4 hours north of Anchorage and 3 hours south of Fairbanks. If you are arriving in your own vehicle we are located at Mile 224 on the George Parks Hwy. Just look for the Creekside sign! If you are considering the drive we highly recommend it. Having a vehicle is a luxury in Denali and is great for adventuring in your off time! 
If you do not have your own transportation you can take the Alaska Yukon Trails Shuttle (907-888-5659 or email from either Anchorage or Fairbanks. They do not charge luggage fees for employees travelling to Denali so make sure to let them know you're starting your summer job. 
The shuttle picks up at hostels. Book yours here- Anchorage Hostels / 907-248-5036 
We recommend flying into Anchorage, staying at the hostel and taking the shuttle to Denali the next morning. The shuttle will also stop by the grocery store on the way north so you can stock up on some supplies/food. 
Questions? Call 907-683-2277 or email and we'll be happy to direct you.