Creekside-Lodging & Cafe' Crew

People coming from all over the continent...the world all seeking an adventure. A sense of self grows from the purposeful work of maintaining and growing this establishment together.   Cultivating friendships that will be life long.  Having a steadfast commitment to provide an outstanding experiences for our guests and crew members in a setting that is beyond compare. Come work in a place surrounded by astonishing beauty, with fantastic people, while challenged by the vastness of your surroundings….and maybe learning something new about yourself.

  • Crew 2015-4

2015 Crew

We have


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2016 Crew

the most amazing

and miss

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  • cinnamon roll
  • hike
  • rafting
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  • jeep tour group
  • aftersch

80's theme party???..it never goes out of style.

Rose, Eric, who is this?, Dan, Shane, Allison, & Fletcher

Sara, Denise, Melissa, Diana, & Amber

  • hike
  • crew by the river

Crew enjoying time off.

Rose, Diana, & Kelsey                               /                 Danny, Meg, Nathan, Ryan, & Kara

  • hiking

Beatiful day in Denali for a hike...Ryan, Jonathan, Sean and Danny.

Crew dinner at Parks 229 Tavern and a night out at the pub.

  • group pano

Hanging out at Pano Pizza after a days work.

Crew theme parties...looks like a white trash party!

  • boys and the great outdoors

Great picture of Danny, Robin, Meg & Ian.

  • car photo
  • crafting

Shenanigans spearheaded by Meg no doubt along with her cohorts in crime Danny, Michael & Bevis!

Girls craft day with

Emi, Kara, Diana and Baily.

You never know what you will find while hiking in the woods of Denali.

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  • girls groups
  • hikes

Crew going hiking...rain or shine...always a great time!

Crew 2015!

  • Xmas 2015-Hank and Kara
  • Xmas Chelsea, Hank, Kara
  • Xmas Colton, Ryan, Emma
  • Xmas Campfire
  • Xmas 2015-Stacy, Reedy, Sam
  • Xmas 2015-Sam
  • Xmas 2015-Logan and Brady
  • Xmas 2015-Chelsea
  • Sam doing dishes
  • crew monster truck
  • fire
  • Xmas 2015-Duke
  • Training Joanna, Tiff
  • Ryan and Emma
  • Rita and Stacy
  • Nicole and David (2)
  • little seth and water
  • kelly
  • Joanna, Sam, Holly, Chelsea
  • joanna, kara
  • F&C cally, rita, colton
  • Joanna, Chelsea, Kebra
  • Joanna, Chelsea
  • F&C, Rita, Brett, Cally
  • colton