JOBS - Creekside-Lodging & Cafe'

We strive to provide “Affordable Accommodations in a Spectacular Setting” in a place “Where Guests Become Friends!” These are not just our company slogans but a philosophy we live by. Our goal is to have our guests leave as friends. We want to treat each person as we ourselves would want to be treated, with respect, kindness, consideration and by doing the little things that matter, but are not required. We are looking for people that are enthusiastic about life and want to share their experience of Denali with others. If this describes you, please apply!

Front Desk Manager

The FACE of Creekside. Looking for someone that truly enjoys serving others, is a problem solver, and that can lead and direct. Someone who will embody that Creekside is a place “Where Guests Become Friends!”. We treat our friends special, from how they are greeted, addressing any concerns/questions they may have, sincerely and attentively listening more than talking-this is how we treat our guests, as close friends.  Responsible for all aspects of  the front desk, room sales/management,  throuogh understanding of our policies, POS, PMS,  Sales, training, front line communication with all vendors and interaction with our guests, the front desk crew, Housekeeping manager and works closely with the owners.  Looking for an individual who is looking for a long term seasonal position who wants to grow with us.  Starting pay $725/wk-DOE + contract completion bonus up to $2.00/hr.

Front Desk

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 You will be the FACE of Creekside.  Looking for someone that truly enjoys serving others.   You need to be someone who will embody that Creekside is a place “Where Guests Become Friends!”. We treat our friends special, from how they are greeted, addressing any concerns/questions they may have, sincerely and attentively listening more than talking.  Responsible for all aspects of front line communication and interaction with our guests. Pay start at $14/ hr + contract bonus up to $2/hr.


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Every Night OFF!! You must like cleaning and have an eye for detail.  It's a fast paced work enviornment and a positive attitude, physical stamina, and the ability to work cooperatively are a must. Pay: $12-14/hr + TIPS + season end bonusof $.50-2.00/hr Extra-extra bonus is plan to loose 20#'s without trying ;)

Housekeeping Manager -FILLED

Direct and motivate while working alongside your crew (you are a housekeeper too!), and an eye for detail.  You need to prioritze schedules to meet deadlines. It will be your responsibility to ensure the Housekeeping guidelines are being adhered to or exceeded. Postivie attitude, physical stamina, and the ability to work cooperatively are necessary. Our managers lead by example. You will be the first one on and the last to leave. You will also work with the front desk on a daily basis-cabin walk-thru to ensure guest satisfaction. Experience Required. Pay: DOE.


Our restaurant mission at the café is simple… We care about every guest, and every plate.  From using the freshest local ingredients, carefully handled and crafted, and presented with pride to our guests.  We will not serve anything that we wouldn't serve our grandma. The Creekside Café is the heart of our business. Its where both locals and guests gather to enjoy quality homecooked food with friendly attentive service. Every single position is truly essential to the flow of the operation and working together as a team not only makes all our jobs easier, but more fun... and profitable :)

Kitchen Manager-Filled

Preps all kitchen items as needed. Must be CLEAN and ORGANIZED in the kitchen. Responsible for intake of all food orders and processing of it.  Must enjoy working with others and like being in the kitchen. Manages the dishwashers directly and works with the sous chef for overall managment of back of the house. Pay: $725.00/wk+ contract bonus up to $2.00/hr. 

Sous Chef

Right Hand Man (or woman) working directly with owner. Responsible for overseeing and training the other cooks and prep cooks. Must be able to execute the menu and recipes to perfection. Reponsible for daily soups and specials. Works with Kitchen Manager on inventory and kitchen order/cleanliness. Shifts include being a dinner line cook and pantry/prep cook.  Pay:  $800.00/wk + contract completion bonus up to $2.00/hr.

Line Cook

  • Creekside Cafe-Chef Pete & our house chicken pot pie-YUM!

If you have a passion for cooking and making people's happy, WE WANT YOU! Everything tastes better when made with love.  All cooks must be skilled in all aspects of the line including but not limited to sauté, fry, grill, steaks, pantry etc. Pay $14-15.00/hr + contract bonus up to $2/hr). Required:Two years cooking experience.

  • Creekside Cafe-Chef Reedy and window filled with a breakfast order-now get that food to the table!!
  • Must be organized, clean, and have a pleasant attitude
  • Work in a fast paced enviroment and willing to do whatever needs doing
  • Be able to execute entire menu, breakfast, lunch, dinner and specials.
  • Its your line. Making sure all plates are consistent and taste good.
  • Able to direct prep cook and dishwasher.

Pantry Cook / Night Prep

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The right-hand man (or woman)!  For those looking to take their culinary skills to the next level.  Assists cook on the line with fryer, soups, salads, appetizers, desserts, and whatever else is needed to ensure a smooth flow. Responsible for pantry items, including daily soups and chili. Must be well organized, clean and able to follow recipes. Pay: $12-13/hr + contract bonus up to $2/hr.


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You are the BACKBONE of the kitchen, and the restaurant.  Nothing moves forward without you :) Must have excellent cleaning/sanitation standards, able to bus tables with a smile, and assist the cook and prep cook with prep as/when needed.  Physical stamina, positive attitude and the ability to work well with your team are required. Pay: $10.00 + tips (20.00/day on average) + contract bonus up to $2/hr. 


Responsible for baking bread and filling our dessert case with sweet treats. Must have baking experience,  be an early riser, and have excellent time management, multi tasking, organizational and cleaning skills.
Pay: $14-16/hr + season end contract bonus $.50-2.00/hr . Private housing available.

Servers-Experience required

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Looking for happy professionals.  People that love serving others and enjoy a fast paced environment. If you can function well when all seems to be going wrong, work well as a team, and enjoy the reward of smiling well-fed guests who are happy to be in Denali, then this job is for you. You must be 21 years old and have a Alaska TAM card, 

Must be good at merchandising, and knowledgeable on all menu items including beer and wine selection. Full time, with excellent tips and casual yet professional atmosphere.
Cafe Hours: 6am-10pm.

ALL Shift Server-Pay: $10/hr + tips
We have AM, PM, Split shifts.  Our servers all work one host/expo shift per week.  Tip out 1% to dish/host.  We pay a high wage and it takes a collective effort on all fronts to make the restaurant successful.

Service Manager-FILLED

Working server that is responsible for overseeing the serving staff  and being in charge of the front of the house.  Including training, working with the cooks on specials, dealing directly with guests and concerns, and managing beer and wine list. Salary DOE + tips + contract completion bonus of up to 2.00/hr

To Apply

Email completed application, resume, and photo to we look forward to hearing from you!