Terry Boyd Photo Lesson & Tour*

The Alaska Range provides some of the most spectacular & inspiring scenery on earth. Make the most of your time by allowing amazing local photographer Terry Boyd to help you get in the right place for the best photos possible. Enjoy the luxury of being able to locate, stop, compose, and capture your photo at a pace that is comfortable for you. Terry is aiming his trip for photo enthusiast

and new found shutter bugs who want to better understand how to get more out of their camera and have the opportunity to have all the time they want to compose images without feeling rushed.

Tours will be weather permitting and refunds given accordingly. Trips will be called off if the weather is horrible (extreme low cloud cover, driving rain) in all directions with no chance of clearing. Soft rainy days can be excellent for macro photography as the light is soft and winds are usually calm. There are extra full size professional tripods for guests to use as well as access to different filters that can be extremely useful balancing exposures and increasing color saturation.

  • Limited to 4 people, family & group options available.
  • Tours are approx. 4.5 hrs. & includes transportation.
  • Request space early if interested as space is limited to 4 people.
  • This trip will be confirmed 72 hours prior to tour date-you will be waitlisted and emailed when/if confirmed. Cancel 72 + hrs. prior to tour date.
  • Rate: $175.00 per person.
  • Times: 7:30am, 1:30pm, 6:00pm
  • Reserve your space early, pay at hotel check in, refundable 72+ hrs. prior.